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Budget update:

The Anchorage School Board approved the 2016-17 budget on Feb. 18 with the following amendments.

  • Synchronize enrollment projections with the Capital Improvement Plan. This will reduce funding projections by $2.1 million. Move funds from teacher hold-back accounts to cover the reduction.
  • Reduce $150,000 from Maintenance budget and direct funding to teaching positions.
  • Reduce $80,000 from Communications and direct funding to teaching positions.
  • Reduce General Fund travel and per diem costs by $50,000 (25%).



What the community values in public education

For the 2016-17 budget development process, the district provided several opportunities for parents, students, staff and community members to share their thoughts on the district’s successes and areas in which improvements should be considered. Four interactive community meetings were held and an online engagement opportunity was made available to the community.




Read the report from the community meetings.



See the online engagement results. (Not active) 






Superintendent proposes 2016-17 budget recommendation to school board

Proposal closes $11 million gap, reduces administration, adjusts class size


January 21, 2016


Tonight, Superintendent Ed Graff will present the Anchorage School Board his administration’s budget recommendation for next school year which closes a $10.9 million budget gap.


The budget proposal is built on funding that is in Governor Bill Walker’s proposed budget along with state statute, which includes a $50 increase to the Base Student Allocation for next school year.


The budget recommendation was developed following a review of best practices and benchmarks, an analysis on potential impacts of reduced services and feedback offered by parents, staff and the community. The district provided several public engagement opportunities in order to gather feedback on what the community values in public education and recommended areas to consider for possible reduction. The community said it valued what the district had to offer and its teachers. Community members specifically asked the district not to cut art, music and sports. Recommended areas of reduction included transportation, assistant principals, clerical staff and administration.


“I am putting forward my administration’s best recommendation in order to support our students and continue providing a high-quality education, however, at the end of the day, we can’t close an $11 million gap without an impact to our schools, students and staff,” said Superintendent Graff.


The superintendent is recommending non-classroom position reductions include three assistant principals - one each in elementary, middle and high school, multi-sensory instruction coordinator, library resources clerk, one IGNITE teacher, two Maintenance carpenters, one media production specialist and various funding and supply reductions across support departments.


“We continue to reduce support positions in central administration and across the district. At the same time, we hear from principals, teachers and others who say the continued reductions are stretching support services very thin,” said Superintendent Graff. “I recognize these recommended reductions may have a direct impact on the level of service that parents, staff and students are accustomed to receiving.”


Additionally, the budget recommendation includes an adjustment of the pupil-teacher ratio by one student, which equates to 80 full-time teaching positions. While there is a potential for reductions in some elective programs or offerings, the district is not recommending cuts to specific elective programs.


Over the past four years, the district has increased direct classroom instruction while reducing support positions in order to keep the focus on students in the classroom.


Recommended additions to the budget include:

  • 27 teaching positions to address projected enrollment increases,
  • 15 special education positions,
  • additional funding for special education services such as summer school, Medicaid billing software and supplies, and equipment,
  • 5.4 English Language Learner support positions,
  • director of Safety and Security,
  • funding for increased use of Measures of Academic Progress assessment at all middle schools, and
  • increased funding for Maintenance Department supplies and materials to support the district’s efforts in maintaining its facilities.


The district’s Transportation Fund, separate of its General Fund, must address a $2 million budget gap next year created by rapidly rising costs and flat revenue. In order to help close the gap, the administration will conduct a review of several potential route changes to ensure the adjustments can be made while maintaining a high level of safety and supervision. The review is occurring over the next few months, and includes consideration of service reductions, schedule adjustments and revenue generation.


Superintendent Ed Graff and school board members are committed to continuing conversations with state legislators regarding the importance of maintaining funding for education which they voted upon and approved two years ago.


“We recognize the uncertainty in the state’s finances, however it’s important that we maintain our investment in public education which will benefit the future of our state,” said Superintendent Graff.


The Municipality of Anchorage provides the maximum amount of funding to the district as allowed by state law.


Superintendent Graff will present his administration’s budget recommendation during the school board meeting at 6:30 p.m. today in the ASD Education Center boardroom. The school board’s budget readings will take place on Feb. 1 and 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the ASD Education Center boardroom.



Anchorage School District

FY 2016-17 Budget Changes

Updated 02/18/16



  Reductions (in $ millions) Staff reductions (FTE)
Central Services
Instructional Support Services (0.210)  (1.49)
Library Services (0.087) (1.00)
Communications  (1.05) (2.00)
Purchasing/Warehouse (0.075)
Human Resources (0.073)
Professional Learning  (0.041)
Career & Technical Education (0.025)
Risk Management (0.016)
Student Activities (0.013)
Information Technology (0.008) 1.00 
Safety and Security 0.150 1.00 
Assessment & Evaluation 0.074
Building Administration
Assistant principals  (0.450)  (3.00)
Ancillary Support Services
Maintenance positions (0.350) (2.00)
Maintenance materials 0.500
Instructional Support
SpEd  0.290  -
SpEd FTE  1.025 15.50
ELL  0.363  5.39
Gifted  (0.102) (1.00)
Direct Classroom Instructions
PTR Adjustment  (8.000)  (80.00)
Enrollment increase and rounding adjustments 1.330 13.30
Other Adjustments
Districtwide audits and management reviews (0.034) -
Districtwide travel (0.050)
Legal services 0.100



Percentage of overall budget reduction by category





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