Class Introduction:

Bartlett High School Physical Education
Contempo Dance Class

Course Description
Students will be given the opportunity to learn various dance techniques through active participation. Terminology, flexibility, self-confidence, is only a few topics that the students will acquire. In addition to experimenting with their own choreography, students will work with a variety of guest artists to create a performance repertory which includes various dance styles. The culmination of this course will be a full-length dance concert. Students will be involved in all phases of concert production. Numerous rehearsals and performances outside of class time are a part of course work and are required.

Conduct Rules
All the students are expected to follow the Anchorage School District policies for proper conduct expectations. Below are just a few additions:
1. No gum, candy, and jewelry will not be allowed.
2. Appropriate clothing for the activity is expected no baggy clothing. Dance
attire is required.
3. Swearing of any kind will not be allowed. Horseplay has no place anywhere or anytime. You must not play on gymnastic equipment.
4. These rules and regulations are to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone. Safety is the most important issue. Let’s work together to make this possible.
5. Shoes must be bought within the first three weeks of class. The shoes will be
aproximontly $55.00 and are at Action Apparel off of Northern Lights.
6. There will be no hanging on the dance bars and abuse of the facility.

Grading Policy
You will be graded on a point basis system. You will receive points for daily participation, dressing out for class, and having your shoes. Inappropriate behavior and or lack of participation will result in loss of all point for the day. Full participation and great attitude will result in a day of full points. If you decide not to dress out for the day, you will not receive any point. You may NOT make these points up. If you miss a class you MUST do make up work to receive those points back. If you do not participate in the final performance you WILL NOT PASS. December 9th is the day we have set for the fall recital. This is a great way for your parents to view what you have been working on for the entire semester. You are also required to do pep assembly performances, and community performances. You are required to buy a Performance Dance t-shirt and this is to be worn to and from events.

Grading Percentage Break Down

10% Performances
35% Final Performances
50% Participation
5% Fitness Testing

Class Rules

1. You must be on time for class, come to class dressed and ready to go.
2. I have five lockers across from the dance room set aside if you would like to put your items in there before, during, or after class. See me for locker information.
3. You must be dressed out everyday or you loose points. Footwear MUST be worn.
4. Dance attire is only appropriate. NO shorts, sweats, or baggy sweatshirts at any time.
5. No Food is allowed in the room! Especially right after lunch.
6. Show respect to yourself, classmates, and any guest presenters.
7. This is OUR ROOM—Please make a positive lasting empression.