Class Introduction:

Bartlett High School
Lifetime Personal Fitness
Expectations and Grading Policy

Course Description
This course is designed to provide you with an overview of Lifetime Personal Fitness. You will be introduced to the six components of fitness, different types of aerobic exercise, reflection on own health and performance and proper nutrition. Materials will be presented in many different ways as well as having hands on opportunities to practice and perfect skills at any level.

You will be graded on a point basis. You will receive points for daily participation, dressing out for class, homework, skills test, quizzes and written test. Inappropriate behavior and or lack of full participation will result in a deduction of points. You can earn points daily. Each Day will be worth 10 points. The following will be subtracted infractions of the 10 points:
Tardy -5
Food / Soda -3
Gum -3
Not Participation -3 through -8
Non Dress -10
Each student must have a 3 ring binder. The notebook needs to have dividers. There will be random notebook checks and will be graded each quarter. You must also have a pen and a pencil for note and test taking.

Grading Scale
90-100= A
80-89= B
70-79= C
60-69= D
59-0= F

Grading Percentages
Participation / Runs: 65%
Final / Tests / Homework 25%
Fitness Testing 10%

Students must do make up work to earn their points for the days that they missed for any excused reason. Makeup must be turned in within one week of returning to school, and it is entirely the responsibility of the student. Students must do all of the following:
1. I hour of physical exercise with description and parents signature.

Unexcused Absences: No Makeup work is allowed and results in a zero for the day.

Medical (1-2 days parent note, 3 or more days doctor note): Make up work is given to the student to earn daily points. They will complete a one –two page summary of the fitness/nutrition article for each day medically excused.

Keys to Success in Lifetime Personal Fitness
*Keep notebook in PE locker, take notes

*Dress out every day

*Give 100% effort in all activities

*Turn in makeup work on time for excused absences

*Get to class on time

*Do not talk while someone else is talking

*No put down

*Be positive and let’s have FUN!!!

I have read and understand the Physical Education guidelines, expectations, grading policy, and procedures for Mrs. Carey’s Class. This must be returned to class for record purposes.

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(Parent’s signature) (Student’s signature)

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(Class Hour) (Student’s Name Printed)

Thank you,

Melissa Carey