Class Introduction:

Bartlett High School Physical Education Advance Dance Class
Course Description
Students will be given the opportunity to learn various dance techniques through active participation. Terminology, flexibility, self-confidence, is only a few topics that the students will acquire. Throughout this quarter, the girls will learn small combinations in the center and across the floor. This will prepare them for the choreographed routines towards the end of the semester. The development of strength, flexibility, agility, balance, body alignment, and an understanding of rhythm are approached through combined warm-up and dance technique segments. If you dress like a dancer, act like a dancer, you will feel like a dancer.

Conduct Rules
All the students are expected to follow the Anchorage School District policies for proper conduct expectations. Below are just a few additions:
1. No gum, candy, and jewelry will not be allowed.
2. Appropriate clothing for the activity is expected no baggy clothing (sweatshirts or sweatpants). Dance attire is required.
3. Swearing of any kind will not be allowed. Horseplay has no place anywhere or anytime. You must not play on gymnastic equipment.
4. These rules and regulations are to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone. Safety is the most important issue. Lets work together to make this possible.
5. Shoes must be bought within the first three weeks of class. The shoes will be
approximately $50.00 and are at Action Apparel off of Northern Lights. They are due no later than September 18th.

Grading Policy
Written Assignment---Article critiques will be given through out the quarter. Each of the articles will be worth 50 points a piece. There will be movies shown, and with each movie a critique needs to be turned in by the assigned date. They are worth 100 points. I do not except late work!!!!
5% of Final Grade

Participation---This will be based of attitude, classroom conduct, and participation. You will be allowed three non-suits. Your parents will be notified after the third non-suit. For each additional non-suit it counts for a deduction of one letter grade from that point on. Each individual can earn up to10 points a day for participation. Costumes will be due the day the students return from Thanksgiving Break or Spring Break, what ever semester applies to them. This is a compromised decision of the individuals in the group. The students are encouraged to buy something that they are able to wear again.
60% of Final Grade

Performances---At the very end of the semester there will be a performance. The date is set for December 9th at 7:00pm. This final performance will be your final grade. It will be worth 300 points. If the performance is missed, you may not pass the semester.
30% of Final Grade

Fitness Assessment---This will be evaluated twice a year. This will measure you fitness ability against the national averages.
5% of Final Grade

Extra credit---Will be given to students who participate or observe a performing arts performance. Schedules are available through your teacher. Other work may be accepted only with teacher prior approval.

Cut and Return form below

I have read and understand the responsibility and expectations of this class. I also take the full responsibility for my grade, dance attire that is required and my attitude.

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If you have any questions please, feel free to contact me at any time.
Thank You,

Melissa E. Carey
Bartlett High School