Class Introduction:

This one year course is designed to continue the development of proficiency in the four skills introduced in German I: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The focus is communication in German, incorporating further understanding of Germanic cultures, connecting w/ other disciplines, comparing native language to German, and participating in multicultural communities. Knowledge of basic structures, grammar and vocabulary will be reviewed and expanded to allow student to communicate effectively in real life situations.

Topics that will be covered: Review German I, foods & beverages, chores, introduction to the past tense (imperfect and present perfect), prepositions, health & fitness, reflexive verbs, nominative, accusative and dative cases & future tense.

Materials Needed: Journal/ Notebook, pens, pencils, paper. We will use the book " Komm Mit" Level II and other supplements. If students need special materials for special assignments, they will be notified.