Fall 2020: Alaska Studies/Honors Alaska Studies Q2 Model United Nations Club. Photography Club

Homeroom: Online School


Fall of 2020 Q2 is online!!!!

Key Philosophies to Mr. B's Classes:
" To know what comes first and what comes after is to approach the great learning"
"To Study and not to Think is a waste. To Think and not to Study is dangerous." - Confucius -
Get all classwork done in a timely, think, and do well......... HAVE FUN LEARNING! Make it REAL!
"Life is not just waiting to grow up to get somewhere. Life is now so live it well."
"The Journey is the Destination"

Students: You may find extra unlisted extra credit questions within Mr. B's web links, good for points, prizes, or candy. (For Example: look below for an opportunity!!) Who knows, I may post some questions from past exams here to help you on tests somewhere in this website and links. Keep a look out. Register with this site to get informed with changes.

This site is updated as of Oct 28th and I have been informed that this website will be dropped from ASD soon as they move towards better internet websites programs. Good bye my website. I was the 29th person in the Anchorage School District to establish one, and one of the last around to use this. With this website a search of the name "Brownsberger" in Google, I'd come up first around the world. A little claim to fame. With this and other tools, I was able to unite all the Brownsbergers in the USA and Australia and some in Europe going way back. Oh, well. It was a nice run of which I will keep on going.

Aug 6 is the anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 as part of the US's effort to end the WWII war with Japan and as a warning to their Soviet allies that we have a big powerful bomb. It is also my Birthday! Go pursue a study of a significant event that occurs on the same day as your birth (for both fun and extra credit). Mr. B may accept or challenge you to look further and select an more significant item or know about your topic more before credit is given.
Mr. B has been at East High 23 years as a teacher and 3 years as a student. He has been a Thunderbird since the 1974. (46 years) The picture posted here is from one of his many global adventures. Can you find out where he is in the world and what is significant about this place?

There are 27,000,000 slaves in the world today. This number is growing. This evil will continue in this world if good people do nothing. Martin Luther King Jr. stated that the reason why injustices such as this continue is not because of the bad guys doing it, but because those who say this is bad but continue to allow it to exist through inaction, consumer irresponsibility, and moderate citizenry. Edmund Burke suggests that a reason why evils such as this continue is that good people DO nothing.

To learn more about Modern Slavery and what you can do to end it, go to the FREE THE SLAVES website
Then talk with Mr. B and discuss what we can do about this to bring change and eradicate this evil. Reestablish East High's Cocoa Club and take Action!

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