technology, programming and computer science, mechanical engineering, biology (C110)

Homeroom: C109/C110

The best way to contact me is by e-mail. (roach_wade [at] asdk12 [dot] org)

Hello, I look forward to another fun year at Dimond. Our now old engineering facility was modeled after Tony Stark's Lab. Lot's of hands on stuff.
"The PLTW Engineering Academy at Dimond is starting its ninth year. Dimond's Virtual Classroom in SecondLife (started in 2007) has moved to OpenSimulator on Kitely.com. Look for AKFIRSTROBOTCSLAB in search. The iDEA (Dimond Engineerng Academy) is Nationally Certified and has graduated its fifth cohort of students with Engineering Cords"
FIRST robotics has started and interested students should check out the team website. We will be meeting Monday's at lunch and after school with Saturday as the season progresses. Kickoff for the FTC competition is on September 10th at East High School! dimondrobotics.com
a blast from the past: SOBERSTATE ANIMATIONS for YOUTH GRANT