Homeroom: A201
Phone: (907) 742-2700

Welcome to my web page.

A note about the Zangle grade book program. On a daily basis I record students' grades in my hard copy grade book and update the Zangle version on a weekly basis, usually on Friday or Saturday. If you gave me a late assignment don't be concerned that it doesn't show up on Zangle until the following week. If you don't see it by then make sure you bring the graded paper to me so that I can correct the entry in the grade book. If you have any questions you can email me at

I use this site to post the assignment calendars for the current chapters. If you tried to sign up for the automated homework notification you probably found that it isn't an option for the classes I teach. You will need to come to this page, link to the needed class and print off a copy of the assignment calendar. If you notice that I haven't updated an assignment calendar please send me an email and remind me to get with it! Completing quality assignments is one of the keys to success in math classes, so I want my students to have every chance to get them done.

Check with me before or after school if you want extra help and remember to take advantage of Math Tutorial during lunch.

Here is a good site for homework help from home:
Additional resources for our book at: