Language Arts 8 and MS Enrichment (with a focus on the French language and culture)

Homeroom: Room 203

Welcome to the ASD Home Page system and the home page of Mrs. Vaught.

I hope this is a challenging and rewarding year for your student.

In language arts, the focus is on writing, grammar, literature, and more. Ms. Shakhov (the social studies teacher on our team) and I plan to weave language arts
social studies together for several units.

I am happy to be teaching with Ms. Shakhov, Mr. Purcella and Ms. Dunham-Bay on a four-person team. We will be working together for a real team-focused
approach to learning.

I know that by striving together we can make this a wonderful 8th-grade year!

Iliamna Team, Gruening Middle School, 2017-2018
Mrs. Vaught

Periods 2, 3, 4, 6, 7: Language Arts

Welcome to Gruening Middle School and the 2017-18 school year. I am Mary Vaught, teacher of 8th-grade language arts and a member of the Iliamna Team. My
team teachers are Mr. Purcella (science), Ms. Shakhov (social studies), and Ms. Dunham-Bay (math). The rules for the Iliamna Team are spelled out in another
document, but I wanted to outline just a few of the policies that I believe are essential to making the school year successful.


I will prepare for class, guiding you through the necessary elements of the subject so that you learn the required essentials and become a well-rounded, educated 8th
grader. In return, I expect you to be prepared for class. This entails the following:

Have two sharpened pencils (or a mechanical pencil with LOTS of lead) at all times
Have 20 sheets of notebook paper available in your binder to get you through the day
Have any other required materials, including your LA Comp Book
Have your homework, DONE, and ready to turn in as you walk in the door

Other materials that we will be using will be a red pen, a blue or black pen, a yellow highlighter, and a basic set of colored pencils.


In language arts, we will have discussions (about novels we have read, current events, etc.) and thoughtful comments are the name of the game! Ask questions when you
don't understand something. Help others around
you! Actively participate in "group work."

Respect others

This is essential when we are in middle school. Raise your hand if you have a question or comment. If I have called on someone else, listen to what they have to say. Do
not interrupt others when they are speaking in the classroom.
In addition, respect each other's space, their things, and their ideas. I like to talk about the "bubble" we have around us. Different cultures have different sizes of
"bubbles", but in the US we don't like to have others get too close to us. Please do not intrude on others' bubbles. If you would like to borrow something of theirs, ask politely
respect their answer. You do not have a right to take something that does not belong to you. Please do not draw on the tables or chairs, walls, textbooks, etc. They do not
belong to you. Respect them. As your teacher, I have tried to put together a stimulating environment in which you can learn. I have added books, decoration and even some
things for you to look at. Please do not take or break these items. Thanks.

Be safe

I think it goes without saying that standing on furniture, running around the room, and pushing each other are not safe behaviors. Think before you do any of these
things. I will not hesitate to issue detentions for behaviors that could put others at risk of being hurt. This also includes throwing items, including pencils.

I want each of you to feel safe in the classroom, and therefore I ask that you take care in what you say to each other. Treat others how you would like to be treated. No
name calling, or even telling others to "shut up." In a civilized classroom, aggressive behavior is not conducive to productive learning. Don't bring it through my door.

I look forward to a wonderful, rewarding year with you. Please play your part in making it one of your best!

Mrs. Vaught