Instructional Coach

Homeroom: A153

Welcome! My name is Erin Binek and this is my 24th year in education. I taught second, third and fourth grade for five years in a tiny Eskimo village near Bethel. Prior to teaching, I went to college in Oregon, where I received my Master's in Education in 1996. I taught for five years before becoming an instructional coach in 2004. I got my administrative degree in 2015, and then became an Assistant Principal for one year, at Sand Lake and Gladys Wood Elementary Schools. I decided that my heart belongs in coaching, so I happily accepted an Instructional Coaching job here at Government Hill Elementary School. My job includes assessing students and working with teachers in grades K-6, especially in literacy. I do teacher trainings, observations in classrooms, and support teachers in any way I can. I love working at Government Hill! I appreciate all the parents who support their students by getting them to school on time every day. Did you know that if students miss more than 2 days each month (even excused absences), they are considered chronically absent? Students who miss more than 10% of school (18 days or more a year) are much more likely to do poorly in school and eventually drop out. Attendance counts! Please let me know if I can do anything to support your student(s) this year! Erin Binek