School Counselor K-6th grade

Homeroom: C1
Phone: (907) 742-5418

Hello Families,

My name is Brandy Davenport and I'm the School Counselor at Abbott Loop, and William Tyson Elementary. This is my 22nd year with the Anchorage School District. I love my job, and really enjoy
working with your children.

I am at Abbott Loop and William Tyson biweekly again so that I'm in each school either 2-3 days a week. My weeks start on Thurs - Wed. (Please see the following schedule below for dates and

I am more then happy to meet, or speak with you before or after school hours, or we can schedule a meeting. .I can also be reached by email at Davenport_Brandy or by phone at Abbott Loop 742-
5468, or Tyson 566-7732 I have a confidential
voice mail if you would like to
leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns as I'm here to support our families as well!

Brandy Davenport MSCP. M.Ed
Abbott/Tyson - Elementary Counselor
742-5418 Abbott Loop
742-8015 William Tyson

A Counselor's Week
At times parents are confused about what my role in the school is. I would like to outline what my duties as a school counselor consist of:

40% of my time goes toward teaching classroom guidance lessons. I teach things such as Conflict Resolution (Kelso’s Choices), Calming strategies, peer pressure, character building etc. My lesson
plans are aligned to follow
the SEL goals of the Anchorage School District, Self- Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness and Social Management.

35% of my time goes toward Responsive Services. This means I respond to the needs of students through individual consultation, referrals, mediation, support groups, and crisis intervention.

13% of my time is given to System Support. This means I engage in activities that enhance the counseling program and the overall educational program.

10% of my time is allotted for Individual Planning, which means I meet with students and families to assist with personal and educational issues and to assist with the transitions of students.

2% of my time is given to non-counseling duties. I contribute as a team member along with my teaching colleagues and staff to assure there is a safe and positive school environment.

I do not do therapy within the Anchorage School District we are here to teach social skills and help kids find ways to deal with their concerns in a positive way. I do not deal with discipline. My
principal's, Mr. Sosa and Mr. Kito
handle those issues.

Abbott Loop Weeks. (907) 742-5468

Tyson Weeks (907) 566-7732