School Nurse

Homeroom: Nurse's Office
Phone: (907) 742-5851

8/3/17 Welcome Back Ocean View Family! I hope everyone had an amazing safe summer ; ) I had a very busy summer visiting with family in Ohio, Wyoming and North Dakota. The weather was hot and sunny and difficult to leave : ( But, as luck would have it I had the majority of my family arrive in Alaska and we have spent the month of July visiting our great state. The highlight...Katmail National Park! It was beyond our expectations. If you have ever thought about going...GO! We then traveled north and south throughout the road system. So many miles and so many wonderful memories! So now it's time for a brand new school year and I'm so privileged to be your School Nurse. I love meeting our new student families and reconnecting with our current families. HELPFUL HINTS FROM KIDSHEALTH.ORG To help ease back-to-school butterflies, try to transition kids into a consistent school-night routine a few weeks before school starts. Also make sure that they: Get enough sleep (establish a reasonable bedtime so that they'll be well-rested and ready to learn in the morning) Eat a healthy breakfast (they're more alert and do better in school if they eat a good breakfast every day) Write down the need-to-know info to help them remember details such as their locker combination, what time classes and lunch start and end, their homeroom and classroom numbers, teachers' and/or bus drivers' names, etc. Use a wall calendar or personal planner to record when assignments are due, tests will be given, extracurricular practices and rehearsals will be held, etc. Have them organize and set out what they need the night before (homework and books should be put in their backpacks by the door and clothes should be laid out in their bedrooms) As always if you ever have a question or concern please feel free to contact me anytime. Nurse Ruth