US History, Consumer Economics, Westward Movement, World History

Homeroom: A209
Phone: (907) 742-7000
Email: hahn_levi@asdk12.org

Welcome students and parents! Contact: 742-7000 Email: hahn_levi@asdk12.org Online Grades - available through Zangle Parent Connect - Pins and info available from DHS curriculum office I am going to attempt to utilize the Zangle program to its fullest - providing parent access to all assignments, including a description of each, grades and attendance. Integrated History 3 & 4 - United States History Geography, economics, government, religion, and technology are used as the primary perspectives for examining changing world dynamics with the growth of the United States as a world power. This class is a required courrse for graduation from ASD. Westward Movement This course studies the frontier history and geography of the United States as a young nation expands from coast to coast. This class is a Social Studies elective. Consumer Economics This course is designed to teach students basic economic concepts and how to apply those concepts to their everyday lives in their roles as workers, producers, consumers, investors and citizens. Economics is a reuired course for graduation from ASD.

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