Lifetime Personal Fitness, Health, Weight Training, Volleyball

Homeroom: Gym, weightroom

Welcome to Physical Education. I am currently teaching 2 sections of volleyball, 1 section of weight training and 2 sections of Lifetime Personal Fitness.

Volleyball is a wonderful, yet difficult sport to play. I will break down the basic skills into elementary elements to help support my students that are new to the sport.
Skills assessment and practice will ensure a positive
pregression through the various skills in the sport of volleyball.

About Lifetime Personal Fitness

Lifetime Personal Fitness is a semester class required for graduation. Meeting fitness standards and experiencing actives which a student can incorporate in their
lifestyle for life is the main focus of the class. Students
will discover where their own fitness levels are and ways for them to improve the levels. Working within their own target heart rate zone the student will increase their
heart's functioning ability. Muscles will be worked
both for strength and endurance. Flexibility and stress management will be incorporated into the class structure. Upon successful completion of the class a students will
have a respect for all aspect of fitness and be
able to design a program for him/herself that will be affective for their own lifestyle.
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