Integrated Science

Homeroom: Room 18

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Joe Alward


COURSE OUTLINE: The material we will be covering this semester will be from the textbook: Science Interactions – Course 4 (Glencoe). The main topics
will include Ecology (Unit 2) and Human Body Systems (Units 4 & 6). In addition, other supplemental resources may be used. The approach will be to
focus on a topic and help students see the connections there are related to and between the topics. (That is why we call this course “Integrated” Science.)

START ON TIME: Students must be on time to class. (1 tardy will earn 1 detention.)
PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE(s): If you plan on taking a trip or vacation please let me know as soon as possible so I can set up materials for you to take
with you or for you to make-up upon your return.

GRADING: In this class you earn your grade, I am just the scorekeeper. Your grade is based on the total number of points you earn as compared to the
others in your class only. These points are earned by participating in class on assignments, activities, projects, quizzes and tests. There will be
approximately 500 points possible per quarter. Earning your grade will be determined by the following scale:

85% and up = A
75 – 84 = B                         50 – 64 = D
65 – 74 = C                         49 and lower = F

I follow the A.S.D. policy on make-up work... If you are unexcused you will not be allowed make-up privileges. If you are excused you will be allowed 1 day
for each day missed, up to 5 days total, to get an assignment done... IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO: find out what you missed when you were gone, do
the work and turn it in.

MATERIALS NEEDED: You will need a pencil or pen, paper and a notebook/binder.

MATERIALS PROVIDED: Textbooks and / or reading material will be checked out to students after the first 2 weeks of class.

ANY QUESTIONS: Give me a call and leave a message at home (622-9907) up until 8:30 p.m. You can also contact me via e-mail (anytime) at: