General Music grades 2-8, Choir grades 2-8, and Orff Ensembles Grades 4-8.

Homeroom: 130
Phone: (907) 753-2151 ex. 111

Dear Parents

Students at Rilke learn music through a variety of philosophies and methodologies such as: Orff, Kódaly, Dalcroze, and the District music curriculum. Each concept is taught through: singing, moving, creating, listening, and performing. We have a philosophy that students learn best through play,
creativity, and when the music originates from the ideas of the students. By the end of 8th grade students at Rilke have learned to perform on a variety of instruments, including percussion, recorders and guitar; students are able to read music in treble and bass clef; and students will have experience
performing in an assortment of ensembles, such as percussion ensembles, bell chimes, and choir.

Please stop by the music room any time, if you would a copy of the scope and sequence of what your child will learn in music at Rilke, or if you would like to observe or participate in a class.

Thank you

Herr Downie