7 Science/Advanced Science

Homeroom: 217
Phone: (907) 742-3600

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7th Grade Science Classroom Expectations
Ms. Jilka
Gruening Middle School
Science 7 (Room 217)

SCIENCE NOTEBOOK (composition notebook)


Weekly, if not daily, students will be asked to write/comment on various science-related topics and demonstrations. These
responses will not necessarily be graded on content but rather the thinking that went into the response. These science
notebooks will also be used to take notes from class lectures. Notebooks should be brought to class DAILY.

There will be 3 sections in the notebook. The main section will be for notes, labs, and responses to questions. The second
section is for the daily “Minute Minder” that students will be expected to answer at the beginning of every class. The final
section will be for vocabulary.

Science notebooks are not graded daily, but will be collected periodically for grading. If responses are minimal and incomplete, such effort will be
reflected in the grade. Ms. Jilka will give notice, and a rubric that explains what she is looking for, when the notebooks are to be turned in for a grade.


In the classroom, it is important to have an atmosphere conducive to learning. In order for this to happen, we need to abide by the 3 R’s. These are: Respect yourself,
Respect others, and accept Responsibility for your actions.

General guidelines to follow in the classroom:
1.     NO TALKING WHEN THE TEACHER IS TALKING (and vice versa)!!!!!! If you are talking you are not listening.
2.     Be quietly seated, with all materials ready to go at the start of the class. Copy activity and assignment (if there is one) in
planner. Quietly work on daily Minute Minder.
3.     Please raise your hand to speak. Respect your teammates and their right to hear and be heard at all times. Please, no
put-downs or “shut ups”.
4.     Passes will only be issued for emergencies. Take care of personal business between classes. Students will be allowed
2 passes per quarter.
5.     No airborne objects. The trashcan is not a basketball hoop!

Upon entering the classroom, you are expected to:
1.     Have all materials (book—if one was issued, science notebook, binder, red pen, & PENCILS!)
2.     Take out your planner and write down the assignment or activity on the front board.
3.     Start to answer the minute minder in the appropriate section of your notebook. Always label with the day’s date!
Remember, the only penalty for a minute minder is a blank answer! You just need to try and do your best!
4.     Wait for teacher instructions.

Late work is unacceptable. However, because unexpected events do take place, each student will be allowed to use 2 late passes
to turn in late assignments with no penalty (within 2 weeks of the assignment due date). These passes will not be allowed on long-term projects.

If you are absent, you have one day for every day you are absent to make up all missed work. You need to see me or a
friend, or check on the Internet, to get caught up and receive all missed assignments. If you miss a test or quiz it is your
responsibility to set a time up with me to make it up. I am available before and after school if you need help, but you need to let
me know in advance!!

TARDY POLICY (per Semester)
1st Tardy                Verbal warning.
2nd Tardy                One detention.
3rd Tardy                Two detentions.           
4th Tardy                ISS assigned by administrator.
5th and subsequent tardies     Disciplinary sanctions from the office ranging from parent
     conferences to OSS (out-of-school suspension).