Math and Piano

Homeroom: A202 and F105


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For the math classes, there are individual unit calendars that open as PDF documents you can print. Each lists all the assignments, quizzes, and tests, with their scheduled dates.

However, know that each is, of course, subject to slight revision as I see need. Last you will see the grading sheet for notes and the instructions for how to make a book cover.


All Zangle/Q grades are updated at least once a week towards the beginning of each week and may randomly be updated throughout the week. This will allow you to have a more meaningful
conversion with your teen.

Also, know that if a grade shows as red it is because your student has not turned in that assignment. My policy is that students may turn in late work within a current unit through that test day. I
do not accept any later work.

Please look over your student's grade:
-Several are doing great; compliment them.
-Some are slipping and not turning in homework; the result is that they mysteriously do not know how to do the processes on the test.
-They should not be surprised but reminded that actions have consequences.
-Have them get in homework DAILY and watch their grade go up.

All calendars are posted on my website should you want to keep an extra copy at home.
There is homework EVERY DAY except for test days. If they say they do not have homework, be suspicious!

I enjoy working with your student but do expect them to treat school as their job and to be serious about doing well.

To see your grade, access Zangle/Q. Parents and students each have their own passwords; if you need a new copy, contact the counseling office.
- Zangle/Q Parent Connection
- Zangle/Q Parent Connection Manual