Biological Science, Life Science/Physical Science, Earth and Space Science

Homeroom: F213
Phone: (907) 742-6200

Welcome to my home page! This photo was taken at Ice Box Canyon in Red Rocks Canyon Park, Nevada. The erosion features are remarkable, and the cool
rocks feel soothing on legs worn out from hiking!

Early in the school year, each student should bring home an expectations/grading policy sheet, and a laboratory safety procedures sheet that will explain my
expectations for
classroom conduct and grading policy.
Please read these papers with your student, and sign/return both. Students receive a completion grade for both forms. Please email me if you need a copy for
you to sign and
send back to school with your student.

Grades will be available from the Q Gradebook link, with student and/or parent passwords. I usually update grades weekly. Please feel free to call 742-6200 or
email me
at school if you have a specific question or a concern.

Biology (not Biological Science) students have online textbook access for the Miller and Levine Biology textbook. Go to Log in with this
generic login for all students: The user name is
The password is case sensitive "biology1". When logged in, click on "Classes". There will be 2 ebook options. Choose the one that does NOT say "Foundations".
Find the desired

I use my middle name, Lorraine, for everything including email, but you will see me listed as Robin Campbell on Q and the South High website, which uses
names. I look forward to a great school year and the opportunity to work with you and your student!

Lorraine Campbell