Astronomy, Digital Electronics

Homeroom: B111 / C104

Curious about MR. CAMPBELL? Here are some things you ought to know:

* He may not be old, but his style is "old school". If a student steps out of line, expect to see the paddle.

* He secretly wishes that all foods actually DID taste like chicken.

* After what he considers to be three consecutive "pseudo-summers", he and Mother Nature are no longer on speaking terms.

* The walls of his house are cluttered with Teaching Awards that he himself created using Microsoft Paint and a glitter pen.

* If "Chicago Cubs" were an ice cream flavor, it would probably be his favorite.

* In spite of its widespread global popularity, cheese is probably his least favorite food. This, he supposes, technically makes him "lactose intolerant".

* He caters neither to your laziness, nor your ignorance.

* He seriously believes that he can single-handedly ward off winter by wearing flip-flops to school everyday.

* He once defeated the 24-hour flu bug in just over eight hours.

* He very rarely speaks in third-person.