Mathematics Teacher

Homeroom: 337D - Blue Hall
Phone: (907) 742-1820

Welcome to my homepage!

Here is a little information about what to expect this year in all of my classes:

Students should expect a minimum of at least one quiz, mid chapter, and a test at the end of each chapter. I will also be changing the seating in the class at least
after each test to strengthen the classroom community. Grades will be based on a combination of participation, homework, quizzes and tests.
I am also available for help before school , during lunch, and after school. Please see me to confirm that I am available ahead of
time if possible. There is also the availability of getting help at lunch from the Mu Alpha Theta students (math honor society).

I encourage you to keep track of your student's scores, I will send home updates periodically sometimes to be signed and other times just for
your information. You may contact me with questions or concerns through Bartlett’s main number or via email.

You should also be able to access your student's score on Q through Parent connect. As well as your student having access through Student connect.
I welcome your input and highly value your support this year as we team together with your student to make their year as successful as
possible. Thank you very much, I hope we have a wonderful year.

Cherlyn Cunningham
BHS Math Teacher