Applied Technology I, Applied Technology II, Transportation Technology I

Homeroom: C111
Phone: (907) 742-6200

Greetings, students and parents, and welcome to the 21st century at South Anchorage High School! Indeed, that is the intent and purpose of these elective classes, to allow students to experience for themselves the connections that exist between their core subjects, in particular Science and Math, and the reality of modern technology which exists in the world today. By doing so, I am attempting to illustrate the need for technological expertise in today's society, as well as prepare these fine young people for the working environment in which they will find themselves after graduation. In addition, by means of exploring different aspects of modern technology, students are made aware of multiple career pathways within a wide variety of disciplines. This may then serve to inspire and motivate them towards a career choice which will captivate their interest, as well as serve the needs of society.