8th Grade Health and Anatomy

Homeroom: Relo 3
Phone: (907) 349-1561
Email: trotter_tami@asdk12.org

Welcome to 8th grade Health and Anatomy! Health: This semester in our health class we will be covering a variety of topics. Our class will be learning about the physical, emotional/mental, and social health issues that affect 12-15 year olds. There is not a lot of homework in health class. In most cases if there is homework, it will be finishing up something that we have already started in class. Students are expected to participate in class projects (both individual and group), class presentations and discussions, videos and guest speakers, as well as reading and writing assignments. Attendance is very important in order to achieve academic success in class. Please remember, that it is the student’s responsibility to get any missing assignments due to absences from class. Anatomy We will be studying a variety of topics/body systems not covered in the 8th grade Health curriculum. This is a hands on class and attendance and participation are essential. This is a great opportunity to learn some basic human anatomy/biology. If you're interested in the BCA program (Biomedical Career Academy) at Service High, then this is the class for you! Please feel free to call or email me with any questions and/or concerns. I am looking forward to a very exciting and fun semester and/or year! Trotter_Tami@asdk12.org and/or 349-1561