Physical Education

Homeroom: Gym
Phone: (907) 742-5817
Email: konkler_jan@asdk12.org

Welcome to distance learning in Physical Education. I have set up and will continue to add several web links for different activities for your child(ren) to add to their physical activities. The links are here as an added resource if wanted. Many of you are already active with planned walks, hikes, or skis. My links are here for you only if you want to add participating in them to your already full plate. I will start a PE zoom class on Thursday, April 9th from 9-10 am and will continue offering it every Thursday at the same time. The first half hour will be focused on students in grades K-2, while 9:30-10:00 will have activities for students in grades 3-6. This is optional and just a way for me to check in with the kids to see how they are doing staying somewhat active during this time away from our gym. I will continue to visit them in their classroom zooms, but the PE zoom will be centered around Physical activity. Please feel free to contact me anytime for questions or just to chat, Jan Konkler O'Malley PE