Physical Education

Homeroom: Baxter Gym
Phone: (907) 742-4715

Hello. My name is Deb Huling-Plzak and I teach physical education at Baxter Elementary. I believe all children need to be
physically active. Research shows that there is a direct connection between students' fitness and academic
performance. Physical education class stresses physical fitness and skills necessary for children to become physically
educated. Elementary physical education is about "exploring a variety of locomotor, non-manipulative and manipulative skills".
Physical fitness activities are integrated into skill theme lessons, but 2- 30 minute classes a week is not enough time to achieve
and maintain good health. Children must particpate in physcial activities outside of the school day. Children and families are
encouraged to participate in the Healthy Futures program and log their physical activity. Make it a familly affair where fun and
fitness come together to create healthy lifetime habits.