6th Grade Social Studies, 8th grade Spanish Immersion, and 7th grade Exploratory Spanish

Homeroom: Room 916
Phone: (907) 742-3500

Welcome to Mrs. Schmidt Class

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Class Rules and Expectations

Materials for class:
     binders or a binder with a divider for Social Studies (and Language or two spiral notebooks,one for each class ONLY FOR MY SPANISH IMMERSION CLASSES).
     Pencils, pens, erasers and highlighters.
     Kleenex for the classroom would be appreciated.

Classroom rules:

     #1 rule: RESPECT: for each other and your own. That means NO negative comments about the class, another student, the teacher or yourself.
     Avoid disruptions in the class:
     No silly comments, excessive talking or laughing, playing with classroom materials, and other instances that detract from a learning environment.

If any of the above occurs I will:
     Give 2 warnings
Chance seat
     Send outside the classroom
     Talk to student
     Call parent/s
     Detention/ work detail, or a Referral if it is a more serious offense.

*Students may only bring to class clear/non flavored water and they are allowed to have a small snack if they are hungry (It must be eaten within 5
minutes and produce no mess in the classroom). I encourage health choices ☺

*Students will be issued 6 bathroom passes for each quarter to be used in their core subjects and Excel. THIS IS FOR 8TH GRADERS ONLY

*Students reviewed the school handbook and were explained the school rules. I encouraged them to share it with their families at home.

*This is a NO GUM school.

*No cell phones, pagers, beepers or IPods (MP3s) during school time.

*After 2 Tardy students will have a detention.

*Calendars will be issued and students are responsible for checking that the calendars are filled every day, and signed by a
parent weekly.