Homeroom: Room 14
Email: jones_michael@asdk12.org

March 19. 2020

I'd like to say welcome back from Spring Break, but because of world circumstances, we're not quite back.
I'd like to say welcome back Spring, but it's only 25 degrees F outside, cloudy, and when I finish this I'm going to shovel snow.

So, I'll just say I miss you all and I hope you're well and safe -- and, of course, read every day quietly, read every day out loud to someone
(or to yourself), and check the Lake Otis web links page for other resources. There is also a link to ASD recommended on-line education resource,
included in the on-line resources "class" (to the right).

I'll also include some some additional resources here. Check the folders for resources.

1. On-line resources folder. Click on the on-line resources folder on the right side of this page. Then, under the yellow tab, click "links."
(There is no homework, and none of this is required right now. These are just links to some fun, but also academic, websites.)

2. Khan Academy folder. Here is a link for a suggested daily schedule. Within the schedule are links to lessons.

I will be adding more, so keep checking.

Mr. Jones