6th grade Mathematics

Homeroom: Room 102
Phone: (907) 742-5400

6th Grade Notes
Contact Information
     Ravenwood Elementary main office      742-3250
     Marci Milwicz

Milwicz Weekly News
Week of 10/14/13

Wednesday & Thursday are ½ days ☺ Friday No School for students.

Book Fair in Library – Come check it out

Red Ribbon Week 10/21 thru 10/25

Harvest Festival 10/26 (please come support 6th grade camp by purchasing pizza at Festival)

Picture Retakes & Popcorn Friday: 11/1


Monday – Lesson 2.8 Modeling Division with Mixed Numbers (H.W. 2.8 all problems)

Tuesday – Lesson 2.9 Divide Mixed Numbers (H.W. 2.9 evens only & Lesson Check 1 & 2)

Wednesday – Reviewing Operations with Fractions/Mixed Numbers

Thursday – Reviewing Operations with Fractions/Mixed Numbers

Monday 10/21 & Tuesday 10/22 Chapter 2 Assessment
*Multiplying and Dividing with Whole numbers, Fractions, & Mixed numbers. Please refer to review from Wednesday and Thursday for study purposes.

Social Studies:
Introduction to Industrial Revolution

Invention Project Assignment (will be assigned Tuesday in class and Due date will be noted on Assignment Rubric)

Commonly Misspelled words

1.     there
2.     their
3.     they’re
4.     where
5.     were
6.     it’s
7.     its
8.     affect
9.     effect
10.     favorite
11.     suppose
12.     because
13.     know
14.     now
15.     beautiful

Activities to complete:

1.     Write each word once in cursive (15 pts - handwriting/spelling grade)
2.     Write the list 3 times each (15 pts)
3.     Write a complete sentence using the word in a meaningful way – underline the word (15 pts)
4.     Practice spelling test at home; each word spelled incorrectly should be written 3 additional times on pre-test. (15 pts)

Previous weeks Letter
Milwicz’s Weekly News
Week of 10/7/13

We are still in the process of trying to figure out how to schedule wanted conferences into our already packed day. Hopefully tomorrow you should get a note with a time or requesting a phone conference, due to our tight schedule we will not be able to adjust these times sent home so please understand and be flexible.

Quarter Ends:
First Quarter ends the 11th of October. I am not entering any of this weeks grades into 1st quarter grade book, so students will have time to redo or make up if necessary (they will be included in 2nd Quarter grades). All grades ended last Friday and I am still working on entering redo’s and assignments that were turned in. I document grades and give students assignments back before I ever enter them online so please note that your child should be well aware of assignments they need to redo. If work was turned in late I am still grading but hope to have those entered as soon as possible. I talked with all students last Friday and told them what they were missing and what they should consider coming in and redoing (some took me up on that and some chose not to come in). They still have this week to show up at recess and redo last weeks assignments if necessary to do so (these assignments may not appear in Zangle but students should have them).

Monday – Modeling division of fractions and using the algorithm to solve these problems. (H.W. Dividing Fractions – 10 problems to do tonight).

Tuesday – Estimating Quotients with fractions
(H.W. More Division with Fraction problems this assignment will not be due until Thursday but I encourage students to work on it both nights).

Wednesday – More on Dividing Fractions (H.W. Dividing Fractions even problems only and the lesson check).

Thursday – Modeling Mixed number Division (No Homework tonight)

Friday – No School for students

Chapter 2 Test will take place sometime next week hopefully but remember that will be part of Quarter 2 grades.

Social Studies:
Finishing up economics unit with relevant vocabulary. Students will have a vocabulary test on Thursday that will be included in this quarters grades as it ties up the unit. If your student is going to be absent I ask that they please take the assessment ahead of time. Students will be reviewing vocabulary throughout this week.

Spelling Story – The Girl Who Married the Moon
Skill – Homophones
1.     fir
2.     fur
3.     scent
4.     sent
5.     scene
6.     seen
7.     vain
8.     vein
9.     principal
10.     principle
11.     manor
12.     manner
13.     who's
14.     whose
15.     tacks
16.     tax
17.     hangar
18.     hanger
19.     died
20.     dyed
Challenge Words
1.     phase
2.     faze
3.     burrow
4.     burro
5.     borough

Our grading policy is as follows (please make note to the above late work policy that applies):

90-100     A               60-69     D
80-89     B               0-59          F
70-79     C
Marci Milwicz