Social Studies, Summit Team

Homeroom: 104

Hello Parents & Students,

My name is Mrs. Gerke and I am proud to teach 8th grade Social Studies on the Summit Team. Our team color is GREEN!
If your student is in one of my classes, you can expect updated grade information weekly on ZANGLE. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email. I hope I have the opportunity to meet you this year. I plan on having a great 2017-2018 school year!

Some Policy Information:

Grading Scale and Weight:

Please note that at the end of each quarter when final grades are posted, if a student is on the border of a grade, we ROUND DOWN IF WORK IS MISSING! For example: Josh has a 69.6% and several assignments were missing during the quarter, his final grade would be a 69%, D.

Grades are weighted according to the following breakdown:

40% Tests/Quizzes 30% Homework 30% Classwork

Tests & Quizzes:

All tests will be announced ahead of time and a practice test or review assignment will be given. Quizzes may or may not be announced ahead of time. Tests and quizzes will cover material from class activities, notes, homework assignments, and readings.

Late Work Policy:

Assignments are due to the inbox at the beginning of class or when it is requested they are turned in. Late work policies are outlined in each class. Late work will be accepted until the end of that grading quarter, but not for full credit unless arrangements have been made ahead of time.

Extra Credit Policy:

Extra credit opportunities are not offered. Extra credit is not a substitute for consistently completing quality work during the quarter.


If you are having problems, with the class, with other students, or team teachers, please come talk with team teachers. It is our responsibility to ensure a fair classroom environment for everyone.

If there is a disagreement concerning your grade teachers must be able to see the paper in question. No grades will be changed if you cannot present the graded work. Hang on to old tests and assignments!