First Grade Teacher
Bachelors of Arts in Education
Masters in Educational Leadership


My name is Allyson Novy. My teaching philosophy is based on my primary and college education, teaching experience, as well as observing and working with principals, teachers, and specialists. I am a product of the
Anchorage School District and graduated from Chugiak High School. I then attended University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) where I graduated in 2007 with Bachelors of Arts in Education. Some highlights of my time at
UAA include becoming a member of Kappa Delta Pi and taking on a special internship student teaching in the rural community of Toksook Bay. After graduating, I was given the opportunity to work for ASD at Lake Otis
Elementary School. I began my teaching career working as a third and fourth grade Special Education Teacher. I then taught a third and fourth grade combination class, a fourth grade class, and I am currently teaching
first grade. Once I had been teaching for several years, I decided to go to the next level and enter the Educational Leadership Program at University of Alaska, Southeast. During this time I participated in a year long
internship and graduated with a Masters in Educational Leadership in 2013. From this varied experience, I have worked with kids of all types, including those that are learning disabled, highly gifted, autistic, and bilingual. I
have become very familiar with curricula such as Go Math! and Houghton Mifflin; as well as teaching direct instruction using the Ashlock method. I am involved in the community and enjoy living in the neighborhood where I
teach. I have been a tutor for the SES tutoring program, and have coached Battle of the Books and Math Derby. I also served on the board for Cook Inlet Literacy Council as the Treasurer for three years. Additionally, I
have worked with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program as a Big Sister in the community program and as Lake Otis’s liaison for the school program. As a result of my varied experience, I have seen how a school is run on
many levels, and the importance of having strong, confident leaders to create a balanced learning environment that promotes success for all students.

Educational Philosophy Statement:
I believe that the purpose of education is to educate the whole student for success in a free thinking society. The goal is to construct reality and find truth in life situations by providing developmentally appropriate
experiences in a safe, student-centered environment that uses a variety of teaching methods and differentiated instruction. It is the role of the teacher to carefully tailor lessons to students, with the fundamental belief that
all students can learn. As a result the community of learners will develop paradigms based on a personal understanding and discovery of their own truth and reality, thus creating their own values. Learners will continually
challenge those paradigms beyond the classroom in the ongoing, life-long learning process. Ultimately, students will see themselves as part of the global community, act with integrity and conviction, and realize their ability
to make changes and contributions in their community and the world. It it is my goal for students to become independent, confident learners. By the time they leave my building, my expectation is that they are confident to
take themselves wherever they choose in their education and life without doubts and without dependency on others.