Advanced Band, Intermediate Band,Jazz Band

Homeroom: Band room
Phone: (907) 349-1561
Email: lucht_julie@asdk12.org

Welcome to the Hanshew Middle School band site. My name is Julie Lucht, and I've been a performing musician since I was 6
years old (almost back to the dinosaur days)! I have been teaching music since age 16, privately and in public
schools. My primary instruments are piano and flute, and I have been a performing member with the Alaska Chamber Singers
in the past. Quilting, sewing and growing Sinningia Speciosa are my after hours hobbies.

Thank you for allowing me to teach your young teens. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me via email or
telephone. Your involvement means so very much to the students and it helps ensure their success.

General Info:

While I have set concert dates for SY 2017-18, please be mindful that sporting events/inclement weather can cause these
dates to change (sometimes suddenly). Your patience and consideration are very much appreciated.

All pertinent information concerning band will be contained in the Curriculum/Grading Policy document handed out the first
week of school for each student.

Hanshew Middle School has a limited number of school-owned instruments for rent, and the rental agreement will be sent
home with your son/daughter based upon need and/or interest. Required books and supplies are to be purchased before issue of a school owned instrument.

Please be certain your email is up to date and entered correctly by the front office, as I use this to keep parents/guardians properly informed.

Thank you!

Frau Lucht

Required supplies for 7th and 8th grade:

Red and Blue Standard of Excellence books for your specific instrument (we will use both)
ID tag for your instrument case, even if you are renting an instrument from Hanshew (these are limited in number, however)
pocket folder
paper - a few sheets
Folding music stand for at home practice and concerts
Uniform shirt - Order forms will be handed out the 3rd week of school. I have a few used ones available at a reduced cost. 8th graders may wear last year's shirt, but
please try it on before our new shirt order is due. Most likely, you've grown more than you realize......
Black dress pants - check out the second hand or thrift shops. Some department stores offer school uniform pants in black as an option.

flutes: cotton handkerchief, cleaning rod
clarinets: swab, cork grease, box of 2.5 strength reeds, optional neck strap
Saxophones: swab, cork grease, box of 2.5 strength reeds, neck strap (NOT optional)
Trumpet/cornet/baritone/tuba: valve oil, tuning slide grease, snake, rag
Trombone: tuning slide grease, trombone slide lubricant, small spray bottle for water, rag
Percussion: drumsticks 2B, xylophone mallets, bell mallets, timpani mallets, snare drum and bell kit for at home practice. You will use Hanshew percussion instruments
during school hours.
I recommend all students renting an instrument from Hanshew purchase their own mouthpiece (and ligature for clarinet/saxophone).