First Grade

Homeroom: Room 29
Phone: (907) 742-1300

Welcome First Grade! Dear Parents, Welcome to a school year that promises to be very exciting for me as well as for your child. This year we will be working with the fantastic Houghton Mifflin reading program and Go Math! program, which will help to insure your child's learning. It is important to know that your child's success in school is as much your responsibility as it is mine. We need to work as a team in a positive collaborative endeavors in order to reach the goal of taking your child to his/hers highest potential. In the beginning of the school year Chinook will hold an Open House and at that time I will give you a tour of the classroom. I will give you important information regarding behavior, homework, curriculum, field trips, report card, etc. I will do my very best to ensure that your child's school experience will be a solid foundation for learning. I will provide a learning atmosphere for your child that offers much enrichment and hands on experiences. Thank you, Sincerely, Monica Plantikow Dudley Mrs. Dudley's Website!

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