Physical Education

Homeroom: Gym
Phone: (907) 742-5544

Trailside Parents,

I am Mr. Leiser, the new Physical Education teacher here at Trailside. This
year I will be teaching grades 3-6 as well as Mr. Thompson's second graders.
Mrs. Wegscheider, who is also new to Trailside, will be teaching grades K-2. I
am excited to be at Trailside and I am looking forward to a fun, action packed

This year in PE we will be working on a variety of different movements and
skills. We will play several sports. Soccer, flag football, basketball, gym
hockey and volleyball are a few of them. We will also be doing activities like
dance, circus arts, scooters, parachute, rock wall, jump ropes, ice skating
and much more! In addition, Trailside is one of the few schools that offers
cross country skiing, and possibly the only Anchorage elementary school that
has a swimming program!

I will be working closely with the PTA this year and I am excited to say that
we will be offering a very comprehensive before and after school sports
program! We will be kicking off the year with cross country running, soccer
and flag football. Parents and families are invited to come run with us or
watch the games! Teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship will be a big focus
this year and I will be working hard to make our program both fun and
challenging for students of all abilities!
If you have any questions or if you want to help, please feel free to give me
a call, 742-5544 or e-mail me,

Mr. Leiser
Trailside PE