Homeroom: PA5
Phone: (907) 566-1280

Greetings from the choir room at East High School. It is a great day to sing. I'm very happy to be leading the choirs at East this year. As a professional musician for the last 30+ years, I joined the arena of education in 2009 with great excitement and high aspirations for fantastic years of choral music. I am a huge fan of jazz, blues and pop as well as traditional choral literature, and look forward to incorporating all styles of music into our rehearsals and performances. Due to the unpredicted pandemic, we are of course holding class via Zoom, rather than in person. While this feels strange and perhaps a bit unsettling, I think we have a wonderful opportunity to delve more deeply into vocal technique and allow for each student to explore their individual voice. I plan to work on breath support, phonation, music theory and sight reading with great vigor. Although I love singing together as an ensemble, this initial remote teaching and learning affords us the time to focus on other important elements in music education. We are going to make lemonade out of lemons! Auditions for Swing Choir were not able to take place during 4th quarter, as they usually do. Based on observations of choir students enrolled in my classes last year during 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter I invited students to join Swing Choir. My invitations were based on the following: ​ Grade Level ​Past experience in an East HS choir and other choirs ​Work ethic Extra musical endeavors such as All-State Music Festival, Solo and Ensemble, the school musical and solo opportunities. ​ I feel very grateful for my students and the talent(s) they share with me. I look forward to a productive year making beautiful music and will continue to stay positive and flexible during these unprecedented times. Sincerely, Melissa Fischer Please refer to the following links for Zoom, Clever, Canvas and other platforms and application with which we shall use during this school year. Students should plan to sign in each day using Zoom links: 1st period Mixed Choir: Meeting ID 978 3362 4160 password: sing 2nd period Men's Choir: Meeting ID 995 4157 9012 password: sing 3rd period Mixed Choir Meeting ID 969 2052 3114