1/2 Open Optional Classroom

Homeroom: Chinook Elementary
Phone: (907) 742-6700

Hello, I am Kris Hinrichsen. Welcome to our 1/2 Open Optional Family Group. I love the staff here and the children are the reason I love what I do. My classroom has a high focus on Social and Emotional Learning. Solving conflicts peacefully, and showing full respect to all the members of our community. I moved to Alaska in 2007 after I graduated from Washburn University with a BA in World Religions, and minors in Philosophy and History. In 2011 I graduated from Alaska Pacific University with a Masters in the arts of teaching. I substitute taught for 4 years and student taught with Cheryl in this program for 6 months. After being certified in the middle of the year, I took two long term sub jobs; one in a 4th grade classroom at Chinook, and the other as a Health/SEL teacher at Rabbit Creek and O'Malley. In 2010 I accepted a full time teaching job at Russian Jack Elementary as a 1st grade teacher. I love my time there and expanded the tools I use with kids to teach reading and math in particular. This summer I applied for the opening at Chinook in the 1/2 Open classroom and was asked to join the staff for the 12/13 school year.