Math, Science, Social Science (Geography) in German

Homeroom: 304
Phone: (907) 742-7455

Welcome to my home page! My calling as an elementary teacher has come later in my career. Prior to the Rilke Schule I taught college German literature and European history, high school German and Spanish and middle school German. Before entering the teaching profession I completed a baker's apprenticeship in Germany and worked as roofer in Minnesota for three years.

Students in second grade have a large variety of developmental stages. I hope to challenge each student daily to the extent of his/her abilities. Every student is held to high behavioral standards. Second graders can and will be expected to sit quietly and follow directions and do homework . Every student is expected to use only German when in my classroom. The achievement level rises dramatically in all learning areas when this expectation is endorsed.
Homework is assigned on Tuesdays and Thursdays, due the next day. Only sheets marked as homework are homework. Classwork may be brought home to aid in doing the homework, especially for German!

All home- and classwork is available on the class sites right here. Absent students are expected to make up missed work. Please contact me by email ( or by phone ( (907) 742-7455 ) with questions.