First Grade

Homeroom: Room 2
Phone: (907) 742-5560

Welcome Campbell families,
I believe that young children need to be active and moving throughout the day. Every morning we start off with singing and dancing, and community building sharing. For Literacy instruction I use the Houghton-Mifflin daily lesson plan, Daily Journal Writing and Learning Centers. The Centers give the children independent and pair/share learning opportunities with small group Reading every day, word sorts, sight words games, journal writing, drawing and painting. Emergent readers and writers need opportunities to created visual art and to share their thinking, to develop their Writing and Reading skills.
For Math I use Everyday Math curriculum, with lots of Math games and base ten place value exploration. We will practice Addition and Subtraction facts, Tally Marks, Time, Coins and Calendar. We also partner with Ms. Deiman's and Mrs. McClure's
classes for Alaska Animals field trips. Ms. Skolnick's Kinder come to us for singing and dancing, and Ms. Baker's class for Reading Buddies.
I have lived in Alaska my entire life and love teaching Alaskan kids! Email or visit any day. We are active!