Homeroom: Orchestra Room
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Hello New Hanshew Orchestra Kids. We will have our concerts at the end of each Quarter. I'm excited to see all the new faces and get to know your kids. The main emphasis of my instruction throughout the school year will be on helping the Hanshew Orchestra students to learn and to improve their skills on their instruments and to become better musicians. Each level of Orchestra- intermediate to advanced--will work on learning the fundamentals of music, learning an appreciation for music, and developing a sense of responsibility and discipline.

One of the truths of life is that the better we are at something, the more we enjoy it. This is certainly true in music and this is why practice (homework) is so important. It is the only means by which we can improve both our skill and our enjoyment of music. Even though I expect a minimum of two hours per week of practice time (homework), I am more interested in how one practices. I would rather have 30 minutes of intense, focused practice than 2 hours of talking on the phone, eating food, doing homework, watching T.V., general goofing off, and practicing. Parents can do a great deal toward encouraging their student in this activity. As a teacher, I can merely make the tools available. It is up to each student to make the tools work for him or her.

Let me take this opportunity to encourage parent attendance at all concerts. We have concerts at the end of each quarter. Your children work hard to learn and grow in music, and they present what they have learned at these concerts. No matter what they may say, it is important to them when you are in the audience, and I know it is important to you to witness their progress. We hope you can attend all the concerts.

Hanshew Middle School
Curriculum/Grading Policy
Mr. Zuehlsdorff

Prerequisite: Seventh grade orchestra members should have one year of prior playing experience on the instrument. Eight grade orchestra members should have two years prior playing experience on the instrument.

Materials: Students will need to purchase the following.
Instrument – Hanshew does rent instruments for $40.00 per year.
A pocket folder (binders are not recommended)
Hanshew polo shirt and black dress pants and dress shoes.
Method Book purchases at one of the local music stores.
a.     7th graders buy New Direction for Strings Bk. 1
b.     8th graders buy New Directions for Strings Bk. 2

Lockers: Lockers are available for use. The safest place for your instrument when you are not at school is your home. Hanshew Middle School cannot be held responsible against theft or damage to your instrument after school hours. I recommend you make certain your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance covers your instrument. All student owned instruments that come into the building must have a nametag. Lockers are available in the room and in the hallway. The lockers have locks. If your student looses their lock, we will charge that student for the replacement cost of the lock.

Grading: Students will be graded on many activities/evaluations.
a.     Effort/Participation/Progress
b.     Concerts
c.     Worksheets
d.     Compositions
e.     Dictation
f.     Playing tests
g.     Ensemble playing
h.     Attitude
i.     Compliance with classroom rules
j.     Projects

Concerts: All students are expected to attend required performances. Full points are awarded to all students that arrive punctually, follow directions, wear required uniforms, behave properly and bring all the required materials. This will comprise 20% of the total grade. Only in the case of an excused absence (Family emergency and serious illness) will a student be allowed to makeup concert points. Prearranged absences require written notice two or more weeks in advance, signed by a parent.

Concert Schedule: 2012/2013

October 9th - 7th period assembly. Only the mixed 7th/8th grade combination class
October 16th – Orchestra students perform in the MPR. 7pm concert starts
December 7th – All school Assembly, 8th grade 2nd hour 9:10-9:55am
December 18th – Choir and 8th grade orchestra 7pm concert starts
December 20th – Honor Orchestra and 7th grade orchestra 7pm concert starts
February 5th – Recital night. Band and orchestra rooms 7pm recital starts
March 7th – All orchestra students concert in the MPR. 7pm concert starts
April 15th – South High All Orchestra students perform. 7:30 pm concert
April 26th – All school Assembly 7th grade 3rd hour
May 14th Honor Orchestra and 8th grade orchestra 7pm Concert starts
May 16th Choir and 7th grade orchestra 7pm Concert starts

We also have additional performances. Some daytime performances will be added in January. These performances will take place at our feeder schools.

Any questions feel free to contact me a My phone at school is 349-1561 ext. 263. My cell phone is 350-6894. My home phone is 622-6894.


                    Vance D. Zuehlsdorff