K-6 Health/Social Emotional Learning Specialist

Homeroom: Health Room
Phone: (907) 742-2000

My name is Mrs. Howard.
I am the Health/Social Emotional Learning Specialist for Rogers Park and Lake Otis Elementary.
I work at each school for a two week block. My monthly rotation begins at Rogers Park and ends at Lake Otis.

The Health/SEL Specialist is the primary communicator of Health instruction and Social Emotional Learning instruction and
information. This position provides consistency in health instruction and continuity of health curriculum over time with the
opportunity to bring a health and wellness focus to students and to the school community.

Anchorage School District uses The Great Body Shop curriculum.
The following are areas of focus for this school year:

Body Systems
Healthy Habits
Human Growth and Development
Communicable Diseases
Just Say "No!" to Drugs
Physical Fitness