English 9, Language

Homeroom: Rm. 202
Phone: (907) 742-4700

Welcome to 9th Grade English Language Arts!

How do traditional roles differ between cultures? How does fiction help us deal with real-world challenges? How does the definition or concept of adulthood change according to culture? These are some of the many focuses of the 9th grade Language Arts curriculum. English 9 will engage with a broad spectrum of world literature from across the globe allowing students to compare and contrast their own lives with those others.

English 9 focuses on foundational skills in reading and writing while providing a geographical survey of World Literature. Throughout the year, students will be developing skills in writing for multiple academic uses, analyzing and evaluating literature from around the world, and developing logically and rhetorically strong arguments by reviewing the speeches and non-fictional writing of great writers and thinkers.

Daily Requirements: Please come to class prepared! Students should arrive each day with a pen or pencil, paper, and most importantly, a willingness to learn and participate in class discussion.

Attendance: It is important for students to be in class everyday. Please keep this request in mind when scheduling appointments or when planning vacations. Make-up work for excused absences will be made up in accordance with school district policy.

Late Work: Homework is always due on the specified due date. Late work will be accepted at 50% of the earned score. Large projects, group work, and presentations are exempt from this policy and must be completed on time.

Anchorage Core Standards: The classroom curriculum will tie into nationally recognized core standards for 9th Grade Language Arts. The standards are a set of rigorous, evidence-based standards that are clear, consistent and aligned with college and career expectations. Strands are included below with possible examples of student practice.

• Reading Literature • Reading Informational Texts • Writing • Speaking and Listening and Language

Technology: The final draft of all essays must be typed, double-spaced, 12pt. font in MLA format. Final essays can be turned in using Google Docs, or hand submitted. In addition to a good word processor, students will find Internet access and an email account essential this year. Internet access is provided to students with parent permission, and students can establish free email accounts through a variety of providers.

Assignments: I expect you to hold onto all assignments until the end of each semester. Assignments may be used again for instructional purposes. Former assignments and test will be the basis for the semester final in this class, and you should keep them to use as study notes. Also, if for any reason you believe that I have failed to record a grade for you in the grade book, or if you believe I have recorded a grade incorrectly, your only recourse will be to show me your original graded assignment. I certainly want to be fair in all circumstances, so please help me in this endeavor by archiving all graded assignments.

Grading: Grades are computed on the basis of total points for the semester. This year I will regularly notify students and parents of a student’s individual progress. The following scale will be used; Summative tests: 30% of final grade, Homework: 10%, Writing Projects: 30%, and Classwork: 30%

Parents: I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached by phone before or after school at 742-2700, or you can leave me a message in the attendance office during the school day at that same number. You can also email me at