Homeroom: Room 220
Phone: (907) 742-0900

Current Classes: I teach sixth grade German immersion language and middle school German immersion science classes and help coordinate several after-school activities for our students.

Why I love teaching at Rilke Schule: I believe our commitment to bilingualism and and global citizenship offers a unique and deeply meaningful way for our students to understand themselves, connect with their community, and explore the world.

Professional Background: I have been teaching German since 2005 on the middle school, high school, and the university level. I have taught in the classroom and designed online curriculum.

Education: M.A. German Studies, 2009, University of Oklahoma. B.A. German Studies/English Literature, 2006, University of Oklahoma

My favorite experience abroad: In the summer of 2015, I traveled by bicycle, train, and ferry through Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Favorite German word: "Fernweh"- the yearning for far-away places