Science Passion Research Project


Today every student received the final research project and presentation handout. It states the expectations (choose your science-related topic and share with class in a 3-5 minute speech with google presentation) and due dates.You will find it attached to this announcement. All students are expected to submit a paragraph stating their topic and reasons why they chose the topic at the beginning of their next class. If students will be absent from class due to another class field trip, they are still responsible for submitting the paragraph for credit on their intended class day (stop by class and show it to me). This is a fun, fast research project and presentation and students must adhere to deadlines in order to complete their project in a timely manner.
Students may also access a note sheet for compiling notes and citations while researching and a link to "Tutorial: Tips for Designing a Strong Google Presentation" by Catlin Tucker (students have already watched and discussed this video in class, but a refresher never hurts!). youtube address:
Ms. Foster will be the substitute in class while I am in Minnesota observing STEM programs in high schools and middle schools. She will be assessing work completion per the due dates, and facilitating research and presentation design time in class. If students do not finish in class, they will need to plan time to work on their project before school, during lunch, and/or after school. The due dates are hard dates, late work cannot be accepted.

*Please note, an error is occurring while attempting to upload documents (Presentation Handout and Note Sheet). These items will be uploaded asap Tuesday, May 3. Thank you for your understanding.


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