Romig Middle School

Gifted & Highly Gifted Program


At Romig Middle School, we offer two distinct programs for gifted and talented learners. Like most neighborhood schools, we offer gifted classes for those students who need acceleration and enrichment compared to grade level. These students are put in language arts and sciences classes together. 

Romig is also home to the Anchorage School District’s mid-level highly gifted program. This program was started in 1991 at the request of parents and includes students from throughout the district (literally from Girdwood to Peters Creek) who have qualified as highly gifted. We are currently the only Anchorage School District middle school offering language arts and science classes comprised solely of highly gifted students. In addition to acceleration and enrichment, these classes made of highly gifted students allow more in depth discussion and collaboration that is not easily available in any other classroom setting.   The way the highly gifted  and gifted learner approaches learning is supported and emphasized not only through robust curriculum, but also in depth discussion, infusion of creativity, connection to other subjects and world events, and student choice in the showing of mastery.

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What Is the Romig Program?

Mr. Bruce and the 2017 regional champion MathCOUNTS team.

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