Class Introduction:

West Anchorage High 2015-16
English 2 QTR1

Welcome back Eagles!

This year English II will begin with a journey through ancient Greece and Rome as we analyze classic literature from Sophocles. The reading list includes: Oedipus, Antigone, Siddhartha and The Kite Runner. Throughout this study, students will have opportunities to improve their skills in written and oral communication while refining their understanding of grammar and vocabulary. My objective in this course is to help students understand how “language and literature enable us to recognize and resolve our conflicts as we make choices that impact our lives and the lives of others." (ASD Academic Plan '14-'15) In order to accomplish this objective to its highest potential, there will need to be a few ground rules. Your valuable support is greatly appreciated in helping ensure compliance with the following guidelines.

Daily Requirements: Please attend class prepared to participate! This means arriving each day with the current text, homework materials, an appropriate writing utensil, a course notebook and the drive and determination to contribute your ideas. Daily assignments will be posted on my district webpage at: http://www.asdk12.org/home.asp?num=100269

Passes for Coming: West High School has implemented a zero tolerance tardy policy. Tardy arrivals require a pass of admittance to the classroom. Please do not enter late without a pass.

Passes for Going: Although reasonable requests for exit passes are generally honored, they will be issued at my discretion and the privilege may be revoked at any time without warning. Students who are issued a pass to leave the portable are responsible for staying on task while out of the room. Failure to do so will result in a loss of pass privileges.

Attendance is paramount. Make-up work for excused absences is accepted in accordance with school district policy. Makeup work for unexcused absences is accepted at my discretion. Participation credit lost due to absences cannot be recovered. However, participation credit opportunities are abundant to the extent that only chronic absenteeism will present a problem in this category.

Late Work: Homework is always due at the beginning of the hour on the assigned due date. Anything else is considered late and may or may not be accepted for partial credit. All class assignments and due dates are posted on my website: http://www.asdk12.org/home.asp?num=100269

Student Work: Please do not discard your graded and returned work. This is your only evidence to present in the case of data entry errors or grading discrepancies that may occur as a result of human error. Also, and even more importantly, some assignments may be revisited for further development and possibly incorporated into larger projects long after the original assignment. It is your responsibility to retain the resources that you develop in class and present them when needed.

Plagiarism & Cheating: Copying published work from public sources is illegal, easily detected, and will result in a zero for the assignment. Please do your own work.
Copying an assignment from a peer is also easily detected and will result in a zero for the assignment with potential disciplinary action from student services. Please do your own work. Finally, allowing a peer to copy an assignment will result in a zero for the assignment.

Food and Drinks: Meals are generally disruptive and are not allowed in the room. Although water and light snacks are acceptable, this privilege may be revoked at my discretion if they become disruptive.

Electronics: Handheld electronics are not allowed to be used in the classroom and may be confiscated. In the event of an emergency or academic need, please ask permission to use your devices. Confiscated electronics will be available for retrieval at the student services office according to the student handbook policy.

Grading Scale:
A- 90%
B- 80%
C- 70%
D- 60%
F- below 60%
Grades are determined on a cumulative point total basis for each semester.

Grades will be updated every two weeks and will be posted for your review on Zangle. Please secure your access to Zangle and familiarize yourself with my course website (http://www.asdk12.org/home.asp?num=100269) so that you will be thoroughly informed of our class progress. In the event that all of your questions or concerns are not satisfied there, please do not hesitate to email me at: schumacher_joe@asdk12.org.

Thanks and have a great day!
Joe Schumacher

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