Class Introduction:

The Highly Gifted Program at West High School* is a full­-year required course that incorporates a thematic approach with genre studies. The texts, activities, and assessments have been designed to ensure student growth toward meeting the Common Core State Standards in the areas of reading literature, reading informational text, writing, speaking, listening, and language. Students will read a variety of both world and American literature with an emphasis on textual analysis, including drawing inferences, analyzing main ideas, and distinguishing fact and opinion. Writing, research, vocabulary, and grammar instruction are integrated in every unit.

*The Highly Gifted Program at West High School is designed for 9th-10th-grade students whose educational needs cannot be met within the Honors Programs at the high school level. The first two years of the program offers a smaller learning community through clustered core classes. The emphasis on critical thinking and writing skills encourages both depth and breadth of knowledge in all content areas.